Taxicab Control Board

Welcome to the official web pages of the Baton Rouge Taxicab Control Board. This site contains useful information for both the TCB’s regulated industries and the riding public. Passengers can file complaints, compliments and report lost property, as well as view information about licensed services, rates of fare, and their rights.

What is the Taxicab Control Board?

The Baton Rouge Taxicab Control Board, created in 19XX, is responsible for licensing and regulating Baton Rouge’s taxicabs, for-hire vehicles (community-based liveries, and black cars and luxury limousines, low-speed vehicles or LSV, Pedicabs, Sightseeing or Tour Guide vehicles, and Network Transportation Companies.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Taxicab Control Board is to ensure that City of Baton Rouge citizens and visitors to the City have access to taxicabs and car service that are safe, efficient, sufficiently plentiful, and provide a good passenger experience. We understand that private transportation services are an essential component of the City’s transit network, alongside publicly operated transit. We believe both in the power of market forces to ensure that supply meets demand, ensure safety, and provide transparency to market participants.

Governing Body: Link to Boards & Commission Page: Taxicab Control Board 

The Taxicab Control Board for the City of Baton Rouge -East Baton Rouge Parish is composed of seven (7) members designated as follows:

  • Director of aviation, or his designee.
  • Chief of police of the city, or his designee.
  • Sheriff of the parish, or his designee.
  • Director of finance, or his designee.
  • Director of public works, or his designee.
  • An appointee by the mayor-president of the city-parish.
  • President of Visit Baton Rouge, or his designee.