The Taxicab Control Board oversees a number of Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (or CPCN) licenses for the City of Baton Rouge - East Baton Rouge Parish. These licenses include:

  • CPCN Initial Application
  • CPCN Renewal
  • CPCN Taxicab
  • CPCN Limousines
  • CPCN Pedicab
  • CPCN Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV)
  • CPCN Sightseeing or Tourist Guide Vehicle

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  1. CPCN Initial Application
  2. CPCN Renewal
  3. CPCN Taxicab
  4. CPCN Limousine
  5. CPCN Pedicab
  6. CPCN Low Speed Vehicle
  7. CPCN Sightseeing/Tour Vehicle

Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity (or CPCN) Initial Application is required of all for-hire vehicles – taxicab, limousine, pedicab, low-speed vehicle (LSV), and sight-seeing or tourist guide vehicles. The business of transporting passengers for hire in taxicabs, limousines, pedicabs, or sightseeing or tourist guide vehicles, in the city-parish, is a matter of public convenience and necessity, requiring public regulation and supervision for the purpose of securing and maintaining an adequate public transportation system within the city-parish, and for the protection, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the city.

Additionally, we strive to ensure that every customer is treated with courtesy, dignity, and genuine hospitality. We understand that these services are essential to the city’s overall tourism and business industry; therefore, our goal is to work with the citizens, for-hire industries, and tourism industries to implement the highest service standard. These service standards will ensure customer satisfaction and promote the core values and objectives of the Baton Rouge Taxicab Control Board.

Franchise duration:

Taxicab table


You must be at least 18 years of age

You must be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.

In order to obtain or maintain a CPCN, the applicant, CPCN holder, or someone working on his/her behalf must not offer or give any gift or gratuity to any employee, representative, public servant, or member of the Board.

Any vehicle which has ever been issued the title class of either “salvage”, “rebuilt”, “junk”, “total loss”, “reconditioned” or any equivalent classification; any vehicle previously used as a taxicab or law enforcement vehicle, in any jurisdiction, may not be placed in service as a for-hire vehicle.

No licenses shall be granted if the applicant fails to meet the requirements of Section 10:201 of the Baton Rouge City Code or if the applicant provides the Taxicab Control Board with false, misleading, or incomplete information.  Any license issued on the basis of false material, misleading or incomplete information furnished by the applicant may be revoked by the Taxicab Control Board.

The Taxicab Control Board is hereby given authority to deny any CPCN for due cause whenever such party has to his/discredit one of the following:

  • Finding by the Board after administrative hearings as set out hereinafter, that the holder of the CPCN has failed to comply with the provisions of Section 10:201;

The investigation by the Board revealing that the CPCN holder falsified or concealed information, which would have disqualified such applicant as a recipient of a CPCN license under this chapter, will result in denial of the CPCN  licenses.


Due at the time of issuance:

  • Application Fee: $10
  • Taxicab Fee: $75
  • Pedicab Fee: $50
  • Low-Speed Vehicle Fee: $150
  • Limousine Fee: $150
  • Sightseeing or Tourist Guide Vehicle: $150
  • Inspection Fee: $10
  • Fees paid after January 15th, interest and penalty are due.
  • Taxicabs, Low-Speed Vehicles (LSV), Limousines, Sightseeing or Tourist Guide Vehicles are required to have two inspections completed annually. Pedicabs are inspected once a year in August.