Crime Divisions

Baton Rouge Patrol Area Map

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Open Baton Rouge Crime Map

Crimes reported in Baton Rouge and handled by the Baton Rouge Police Department. Crimes include Burglaries (Vehicle, Residential and Non-residential), Robberies (Individual and Business), Theft, Narcotics, Vice Crimes, Assault, Nuisance, Battery, Firearm, Homicides, Criminal Damage to Property, Sexual Assaults and Juvenile.   In order to protect the privacy of sexual assault victims and juvenile victims, these incidents are not geocoded and will not be mapped. 

Open Data BR Crime Incidents

This site contains BRPD crime statistics for the entire City, each Police District, each Police Zone, and each Police Subzone. The BRPD District Map below shows the boundaries of the four Districts that are patrolled by the Baton Rouge Police Dept. To find statistics on Districts, Zones and SubZones, click on the appropriate district on the map below, use the district boundaries below the map to locate your district. You can also search our Open Data BR Crime Maps site to determine the district your address is located in.