Transportation Network Companies


Approved Transportation Network Companies (or TNC)

Two Transportation Network Companies are currently approved for operation in East Baton Rouge Parish:

Transportation Network Application Company shall mean a company operating in the City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Eaton Rouge that uses a digital network or software application to connect a passenger to transportation network services provided by a transportation network operator.

The transportation network operator shall mean an individual who operates a motor vehicle that is:

(1) Owned or leased by the individual;

(2) Not licensed as a public vehicle-for-hire under section 10:201 et seq. of this Code of Ordinances; and

(3) Used to provide transportation network services.

Transportation network services shall mean transportation of a passenger between points chosen by the passenger and that is prearranged by a Transportation Network Company.

Transportation Network Company must remit one percent (1%) of gross trip fare for each intrastate prearranged ride originating within either the incorporated or the unincorporated portions of East Baton Rouge Parish. 

(Ord. No. 15722, § 1, 6-25-14)