Taxicab and Vehicles for Hire

What is a CPNC?

A CPCN, or Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, is required for all for-hire vehicles picking up passengers in Baton Rouge - Parish of East Baton Rouge. Each CPNC is given a unique number which can be used to identify a vehicle. 

This CPCN number must be prominently displayed on the vehicle as an assurance that it complies with municipal regulations. All CPCN vehicles must undergo inspections and are subject to the regulations outlines in Baton Rouge municipal code, chapter 3. 

If a vehicle with a CPCN is taken out of operation, the Taxicab Control Board must be notified in writing and the holder must file a change of equipment application to attach that CPNC to another vehicle.  


1. File a CPCN application, along with required paperwork, with the Taxicab Control Board. Applications submitted by 3 pm on the 2nd Friday of each month will be heard on that month's Taxicab Control Board meeting, held on the last Tuesday of each month (see meeting calendar). Applications submitted after that date will be heard the following month.

Documentation Needed 

The following documents are required for all applicants including all duly registered officers or agents if the applicant for a CPCN is a corporation: 

  • A complete, signed application (required for all officers/agents of a corporation) 
  • A State-issued identification card or driver's license


Once a CPCN is awarded, an applicant has sixty (60) days to activate the CPCN. All CPCNs are required to have a vehicle attached and to be in operation. 

In order to complete the initial CPCN application process, additional documents are required to be submitted and the vehicle must have a current and valid for-hire inspection certificate, issued by Taxicab Control Board 

Additional Forms, Notices, and Ordinances

Click on the links below for additional forms, public information, documents for Taxicab drivers, and other CPCN holders.

Agenda & Minutes 

The most recent agenda will be available the Friday before the meeting. 

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