Whole Community Preparedness

Successful emergency preparedness requires every individual that shapes our community. When a disaster affects East Baton Rouge Parish, it takes the whole community to respond and recover. Every citizen, business, and organization play a vital role in ensuring the resiliency of our Parish.  

Together, East Baton Rouge Parish is Red Stick Ready

Use the BuddySystemTM to check on friends and neighbors to make sure their basic needs are taken care of prior to, during, and after a disaster. With well-prepared citizens, first responders are enabled to go elsewhere in the community to help with recovery efforts. Helping others help themselves is one part of being Red Stick Ready!
Office of Neighborhoods in East Baton Rouge Parish. 
Neighbor Preparedness Tips 
Community Preparedness Toolkit


East Baton Rouge Parish Community Emergency Response Team (EBRP CERT) Program

When a disaster affects East Baton Rouge Parish, it takes a very special person to leave their home and family to answer the call of volunteering. Volunteers are an essential component to disaster management, and East Baton Rouge Parish’s resiliency would not be what it is if volunteers weren’t a vital part of our community. 

MOHSEP’s vision for the East Baton Rouge Parish Community Emergency Response Team (EBRP CERT) is to have a group of well trained, experienced, enthusiastic partners to call upon when disaster strikes our community. This will give us the opportunity to not only have personal interaction with EBRP citizens, but also organize the helping hands that shape our recovery post disaster.  

The passion Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome has for this team and MOHSEP’s dedication to providing an educational rewarding experience will hopefully drive EBRP CERT into becoming a reliable organization stakeholders can look to in times of need.


Community Emergency Response Team CPR
Community Emergency Response Team Fire Extinguisher
CERT Deglove
Community Emergency Response Team
Community Emergency Response Team Rescue
Community Emergency Response Team Fire Extinguisher

Campus Preparedness

Sign up for school and university notifications:

School preparedness resources: 

Multi-hazard Emergency Planning for Schools 

School Emergency Operations Plan Template

FEMA Online Course: Preparing for Mass Casualty Incidents: A Guide for Schools, Higher Education, and Houses of Worship

School Access Control