Business Preparedness

Business Preparedness

  • Does your business have an emergency plan?
  • Does your business have a continuity plan?
  • Are your employees prepared for "All Hazards"?
  • Do you have an updated emergency communication plan with your employees?
  • Do you have a system for tracking business resources? 
  • Have you done an insurance checkup on your business? 
FEMA has numerous preparedness planning resources available for businesses to be prepared for "All Hazards." 


FEMA Business Emergency Response Plan 

FEMA Business Continuity Planning Template

FEMA Business Continuity Resource Requirements 

re-entry after a disaster

East Baton Rouge Parish is committed to working with businesses to ensure commodities are delivered to the community and business are able to continue daily operations. After a disaster, one of the primary goals is to ensure the restoration of local businesses that provide essential goods and services to the community. Local elected officials and law enforcement will work together to determine when the Parish is safe for re-entry. Business that are seeking re-entry, will be required to show a re-entry placard.

Is your business registered for re-entry placards in East Baton Rouge Parish? Click here to request re-entry placards to be used after a disaster. 

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