Help for Parents

3 pillars of parenting:
patience, cONVERSATION & curiosity 

Parenting is complicated and hard. That’s why we’ve created this simple framework to help inform the habits you develop with your children. 

If you practice patience, encourage curiosity, and engage in conversation, then you can be sure that you are being a good parent and doing the most important things to ensure that your child will be ready to excel in kindergarten and beyond.

  1. Patience
  2. conversation
  3. curiosity

Patience is critical because children learn how to deal with stress through observing their parents. Parents who practice patience with their children are modeling social-emotional control for their children and are better preparing their children to deal with stress.

Patience also reinforces attachment and positive bonds between parents and children that are critical for children to feel safe and supported in their exploration in the world.



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Family Counseling: Supervised Visitation, Treatment for Addiction and Mental Illnesses

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The voices of parents are important. Check out these must-see videos of parents from our very own community right here in Baton Rouge speaking about their experiences parenting and the 3 pillars: patience, curiosity, & conversation! (Click on Videos link in left-hand column to view.)