Field Operations Bureau

The Field Operations Bureau conducts all uniform patrol, criminal investigations, special operations, protect life and property, prepares incident reports, handles traffic assignments, provides proactive patrols and special assignments.  It is made up of the following three divisions:

Uniform Patrol Bureau

Uniform Patrol is the largest Bureau of the department and is the primary point of contact for services to the public.  The Bureau operations five precinct stations and satellite offices throughout the city.  Officers assigned to this bureau perform preventative patrols and respond to the public requests for assistant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Uniform Patrol is responsible for patrolling all areas of the city, responding to calls from citizens, conducting preliminary investigations of all crimes, and enforcing both criminal and traffic laws. Please call 225-389-3911 to contact this division.

Criminal Investigations Bureau

Criminal Investigations Bureau is primarily responsible for follow-up investigations of major crimes.   

Special Operations

Special Operations provides support for the various divisions within the department.  Duties are to provide security and traffic control for special events, parades, sporting events, and special situations. The Bureau was also tasked with handling hostage situations, search warrants, dignitary protection, and other high-risk events.

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