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Baton Rouge Police Department press releases

Arrests, charges, or other mentions and/or images of specific persons do not indicate guilt or wrongdoing by those parties; innocence is presumed until and unless a conviction on a specific charge has been made in a court of law. All files are a matter of public record.

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DateCaptionPhoto Available
Jan. 23, 2019Attempted Murder Suspect Wanted 
Jan. 23, 2019Attempting to Locate 
Jan 25, 2019North Foster Incident 
Jan. 01, 2019Shooting Victim Dies 
Jan. 02, 2019Homicide Investigation 
Jan. 06, 2019Shooting Investigation 
Jan. 10, 2019Shooting on Evangeline St 
Jan. 16, 2019Murder Investigation on Brookshire Ave 
Feb. 11, 2019Statement from Chief Murphy Paul 
Feb. 12, 2019Fatal Crash on Perkins Rd 
Feb. 15, 2019Attempting to Id 
Feb. 17, 2019Homicide Investigation 
Feb. 18, 2019Armed Robbery of a Business 
Feb. 19, 2019Murder Investigation 
Feb. 20, 2019Shooting on Monterrey Dr 
Feb. 22, 2019Arrest in Spanish Town Rd Death 
Feb. 22, 2019Press Release 
Feb. 22, 2019Settlement with Officer Hamadeh 
Feb. 26, 2019Arrest in Shooting Death Available
Feb. 27, 2019Murder Investigation 
Feb. 27, 2019Search for Missing Person 
March 01, 2019Murder Suspect Arrested Available
March 01, 2019Pedestrian Fatality on Airline 
March 01, 2019Shooting on North 36th Street 
March 06, 2019Attempting to Id Available
March 08, 2019Drug Arrest Available
March 11, 2019Arrest in Pedestrian Fatality 
March 13, 2019Fatal Crash Available
March 13, 2018Two Arrested in Attempted Murder Case 
March 16, 201985th BTA 
March 25, 2019Murder Investigation 
March 27, 2019Shooting Arrest Available
March 28, 2019Murder Arrest 
March 28, 2019Murder Investigation on Addison Street Available
April 02, 2019Murder Arrest Available
April 02, 2019Shooting Death 
April 03, 2019Soliciting Arrest 
April 04, 2019Attempting to Id Available
April 08, 2019Fatal Crash on Stumbergy Ln 
April 09, 2019Attempting to Id 
April 09, 2019Fatal Crash 
April 14, 2019Shooting Investigation 
April 15, 2019North Acadian Thruway West Shooting Arrest 
April 18, 2019Shooting on Lewis Street 
April 24, 2019Buckle Up in Your Truck 
April 24, 2019Pay Study