Dog Regulations

Registration & Licenses

All dogs must be registered (licensed) with the Animal Control & Rescue Center and vaccinated annually against rabies by a veterinarian. There is a $50 fine for not doing so.

All dogs must wear a collar and license tag. Hunting, stock and show dogs are exempt from the requirement while they are being worked or shown.

Nuisances & Dog Bites

If your dog becomes a nuisance, you may be fined. Examples of a nuisance would be running at large, attacking other people or animals, chasing cars, making excessive noise, turning over garbage cans or damaging, soiling or defecating on property other than the owner's.

If your dog is a threat to public health and safety, it may be classified as potentially dangerous, dangerous or vicious. Strict requirements for continued ownership are then required. Failure to comply may result in misdemeanor summons and court action.

If your dog bites another person, you or the person bitten must report the bite to the Animal Control and Rescue Center, the police department or the Sheriff's Office with 24 hours. The dog will be impounded and observed for rabies for 10 days, either at the shelter, a veterinary clinic or your home depending on the circumstances of the bite.

Providing for Your Dog

Dogs must be confined at all times either in the owner's home or fenced yard or on a leash no longer than 6 feet. You must provide proper food, water, shelter and veterinary care for your dog. It is illegal to abandon or abuse your dog.

If your dog is a fertile female, while it is in heat it must be secured in such a manner as to prevent unplanned breeding with a male.

Dog Impoundment

If your dog is impounded by the Animal Control and Rescue Center, for any reason, and your dog is wearing a collar and tag, the Center is required to inform you of the situation and let you know how to redeem your dog. Animal Control officers will scan dogs they pick up for microchips and contact owners if possible. If your dog is impounded it may be redeemed upon payment of certain fees and/or fines.

Dogs & Dog Pens

Requirements for keeping or harboring of dogs in yards or pens may be obtained by calling the Animal Control and Rescue Center. Owners are required to keep their dog yard or dog pen in compliance for health and safety reasons.