Cat Regulations


All cats must be registered (licensed) with the Animal Control and Rescue Center and vaccinated annually against rabies by a veterinarian, who will issue the pet's tag. There is a $50 fine for not doing so.

Collars & Leashes

All cats must wear a collar and license tag. (We recommend a break-away collar for cats.) Cats being shown in exhibitions are not required to wear collars and tags.

Cats are not required to be on a leash, but they must be confined to the owner's yard or home or be under the physical control of the owner.

Biting & Nuisances

If your cat bites another person, you or the person bitten must report the bite to the Animal Control and Rescue Center, the Police Department or the Sheriff's Office within 24 hours. The cat will be impounded for at least a 10 day period, using the same criteria as dog bites.

If your cat becomes a nuisance, you may be fined. Examples of a nuisance would be attacking other animals, making excessive noise, turning over garbage cans or damaging, soiling or defecating on property other than the owner's.

Caring for Your Cat

You must provide proper food, water, shelter and veterinary care for your cat. It is illegal to abandon or abuse your cat.

Cat Impoundment

If your cat is impounded by the Animal Control and Rescue Center for any reason, and your cat is wearing a collar and tag, the Center is required to inform you of the situation and let you know how to redeem your cat. Animal Control officers have microchip scanners; they will scan and look up animals' info before bringing them to the shelter. If your cat is impounded it may be redeemed upon payment of certain fees and/or fines.

Fertile Female Cats

If your cat is a fertile female, while it is in heat it must be secured in such a manner as to prevent unplanned breeding with a male.