Council Budget Office

Mission Statement

The Council Budget Office serves as the division that oversees the review process for all federal, state and local grants and contracts which are administered within city departments, although this office does not give grants. The primary role and mission of the Council Budget Office is to provide budgeting and financial information to the Metropolitan Council in an effort to supply council members with information pertaining to issues and related items on the city's council agenda.

Office Composition

The office consists of a Council Budget Officer and a Senior Administrative Specialist. The Council Budget Officer serves in the capacity as Chairman of the Preliminary Grants and Contracts Review Committees, as well as the Auto Committee, which reviews policies and usage of employee assigned City Parish vehicles. In addition, the Council Budget Officer chairs the Investment Committee of the Retirement Board as well as serving as a member of several other internal committees such as the Claims Review and Human Resources Advisory Committee.


The Council Budget Office coordinates the Metropolitan Council Budget Hearings, which are scheduled in a specific format designated by the chairman of the Finance and Executive Committee and are televised on the local government channel Metro 21. The hearings are held annually to review the budget for the calendar year of all City-Parish departments and outside agencies which receive general and grant-appropriated funding. This office works on special projects, such as preparing comparison reports with other city's as well as other specific issues such as fees or any proposed budget reduction issues.

While the Council Budget Office functions as a internal division of the City Parish Government, a main objective and responsibility is to assist other City-Parish departments and outside agencies on a day-to-day operation with the highest quality of service as we continually strive to improve all communication efforts.