Council Administration / Treasurer's Office

Mission Statement

To serve the public, as well as all City-Parish departments and agencies, with regard to all functions maintained by the departments of the Metropolitan Council under the supervision of the Council Administrator-Treasurer.


Administrative Division

The Administration Division is responsible for the preparation and distribution of the agendas, resumes, and ultimately the official minutes of all full Metropolitan Council meetings. Other functions include:

  • Advertising Council proceedings in the official journal
  • Microfilming all ordinances, resolutions, and Council minutes
  • Maintaining a computer indexing system of all Council action taken
  • Assisting other departments and the general public in securing information relative to actions taken by the Council

This office provides direction and general supervision over the other divisions of the Council Administrator’s Department and administers the budgets of the Metropolitan Council, Justices of the Peace / Ward Constables, and Municipal Associations.

Mail Services Division

The Mail Services Division acts as the central pickup and delivery office for all outgoing and incoming U.S. mail and for all interoffice mail. This division pre-sorts and meters all outgoing mail and transports it to the post office. All incoming mail and inter-office mail is sorted and delivered twice a day to departments. Financial records are maintained for funds on deposit with the Post Office for the various bulk mailing permits that the City-Parish maintains, as well as for funds on deposit in postage meters.

Treasurer's Division

The Treasurer Division’s major function is the prudent investment of idle cash. This is currently accomplished by investing in certificates of deposit (CDs) and by maintaining interest-bearing checking accounts. Safety of deposits is a high priority and is maintained by requiring collateral from the various banks in which funds are deposited. Collateral amounts are monitored daily to ensure sufficient coverage and are adjusted as needed. All CD investments are competitively bid at local banks.

All payroll and vendor checks are processed by the Treasurer’s Office. Other functions involve the maintenance of blank check inventories, payment of federal and state payroll taxes, manual check processing, and savings bond processing and distribution.

Election Costs Division

The Election Costs Division was established to cover the amounts payable by the City-Parish for elections held during the year. Additionally, it is responsible for paying for any abstracts prepared by the Assessor’s Office for proposed annexation of areas of the parish into the city limits.