The Accounting Division is responsible for collecting, recording, and depositing fines and fees owed to the Court while safeguarding and securing all funds collected. This division is divided into several sections that perform various functions.

  • The first section collects and accepts parking, criminal, traffic, and red light enforcement payments, and applies them to the appropriate cases and accounts.
  • The second section in Accounting is responsible for ensuring that the proper payment amount is made to close an account. If an incorrect payment amount is sent in or collected, it is Accounting’s responsibility to notify the defendant to send the correct amount and/or the proper documentation needed to close his account. This same section is also responsible for setting up and maintaining partial payment plans authorized by the Judge.
  • The third section in Accounting audits all payments processed to ensure all funds collected are properly posted to the correct accounts.
  • The fourth section in Accounting processes appearance bonds and completes the necessary requirements for the collection of bond forfeitures. This section also records any funds collected overnight at Parish Prison, ensuring these amounts are posted to the defendants’ case accounts.
  • The fifth section in Accounting verifies, balances, and reconciles all collections and prepares deposits for the bank. In addition, this section also handles the processing requirements for problem checks that are returned to the Court, such as NSF, Account Closed, and Payment Stopped.