Cradle to K - Baton Rouge

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Connecting Children & Families with the Resources and Opportunities they Deserve

The mission of ‘Cradle to K - Baton Rouge’ is to work with parents and community organizations to ensure all children are prepared socially and academically to excel in Kindergarten and beyond. Toward this end, the Mayor’s office will provide vision and leadership to ensure that our community is doing all that we can to lay a strong foundation for our children.

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The implementation of ‘Cradle to K – Baton Rouge’ will build from three areas of focus: Community, Service, and Leadership.


Reduce stress by creating opportunities for parents to share and learn from people in their own communities and set a high bar for what parenting can look like in EBR.

Social Media

  • Short videos with local parents sharing stories and strategies that align with positive parenting.
  • Viral spread of ideas and conversation through Facebook, YouTube, and website.
  • Tool for connecting parents to resources and communicating importance of ECE organizations, to share information with parents.

In-person Events

  • Games for children and social activities for parents.
  • Invite child care centers, health service providers, community.
  • Discussion circles for parents building off of online social media videos.


Increase utilization and collaboration among a wide variety of programs and services dedicated to helping children and families in EBR.

Health and Family Services

  • Help connect organizations with parents through online community.
  • Goal of a home visit for every child (~ 6,000 births per year).


  • Increase participation in early childhood education (ECE) programs.
    Increase number of VIPS "reading friends" at public schools.
  • Enhance quality of Pre-K and infant-age 3 child-care programs.


Creating a sense of purpose and momentum that will ripple through all corners of the community and inspire both parents and large organizations to work in alignment toward a better future for our children.

Creating a Coalition of Partners

  • Bringing together a diverse coalition of partners from government, non-profits, and the community.
  • Facilitating collaboration among these partners to drive toward specific and ambitious goals.

Building Excitement and Momentum

  • Using the power of the office to spread word about the initiative and invite families to participate.
  • Create branded language that captures the spirit of ‘Cradle to K’ for the community and for parents themselves.