Waze Connected Citizens Program

In 2016, the City-Parish joined 65 other communities around the world as a partner within the Waze Connected Citizens Program, which was established by Waze to facilitate two-way data sharing of publicly available traffic information between government agencies and citizens and promote greater efficiency, deeper insights and safer roads for citizens across the world – and now in Baton Rouge.

The Waze Connected Citizens Program provides municipalities, states, and countries with an unprecedented view into real-time road activity, empowering decisions that achieve concrete community impact. With a foundation of two-way data sharing, Waze provides partners with real-time, anonymous, incident and traffic information directly from its users (known as “Wazers”). In exchange, the City-Parish is providing real-time, government-reported construction, crash and road closure data to Waze to create one of the most succinct and thorough overviews of current road conditions today. The City-Parish is continuing to build upon this partnership by integrating Waze data streams into our local traffic management system and related traffic monitoring applications, like our Waze traffic map that is freely accessible to residents and features all traffic jams or issues reported in East Baton Rouge Parish by Wazers.

For more information on our partnership with Waze and work to create a more transparent, interactive, and robust real-time traffic management solution for Baton Rouge residents, please email opendata@brla.gov.