The Mayor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (MOHSEP) serves as the coordinating agency for emergency and disaster activities in East Baton Rouge Parish and is responsible for coordinating crises, both natural and man-made. Response activities help to reduce casualties and damage while also providing emergency services. MOHSEP works to ensure natural and man-made risks are reduced, emergency services are delivered, and the consequences of events are managed to provide a safe, livable, and sustainable community.

During times of a disaster, the Emergency Operations Center is activated in order to coordinate with field incident command and other agencies and organizations to:

  • Acquire, allocate, and track resources.
  • Serve as a conduit to manage and disseminate information.
  • Provide legal and financial support.
  • Provide liaison with all incident commanders and other jurisdictions.

Emergency Action Levels

EOC Activation LevelsEmergency Action Levels provide the level of significance for an incident and determine related guidance for response and protective actions. These established general indicators ensure emergency response agencies have a common basis on which to implement actions necessary to appropriately handle a situation.

The EOC can be activated for various reasons based on the needs of the Parish, organizations, or Incident Commander. Possible circumstances that might trigger an EOC activation could be:

  • More than one jurisdiction becomes involved in an incident or a Unified Command is established.
  • The Incident Commander indicates the incident could expand rapidly, involve cascading effects, or require additional resources.
  • An incident is imminent, such as hurricane warnings, slow river flooding, predictions of hazardous weather, and elevated threat levels.
  • Threshold events described in the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) occur.
  • Significant impacts to the population are anticipated.

Visit the Emergency Page during active incidents to find important details about current weather conditions, road, campus, and government closures, utility services, and other incident-driven information.