The Prevention Phase detects, deters, and mitigates threats to our community. 

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Prevention Framework provides guidance for leaders and practitioners on what the whole community should do upon the discovery of intelligence or information regarding an imminent threat to the homeland in order to thwart an initial or follow-on terrorist attack. Prevention includes those capabilities necessary to avoid, prevent, or stop a threatened or actual act of terrorism. 

Prevention Points To Consider:

  • Are you involved in your community?
  • Do you check and test your smoke detectors? 
  • Do you have flood insurance?
  • Has your home had a safety inspection? 
  • Do you know how to report suspicious activity? 
  • Do you participate in your neighborhood watch? 
  • Do you lock your vehicle and home? 
  • Do you use anti-virus and / or security software for your technology devices?
  • Do you educate yourself on cyber security such as, spam, scams, phishing, etc.?
  • Have you considered having a medical exam / physical?
  • Do you take preventative measures to stay healthy