The Preparedness Phase identifies and understands threats, assesses vulnerabilities, determines potential impacts and disseminates timely information to our Federal, State, and Local partners.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Protection Framework provides guidance to leaders and practitioners, profit and nonprofit sectors, and individuals on what to do to safeguard against acts of terrorism, natural disasters and other threats or hazards. Protection, otherwise known as Preparedness, includes those capabilities necessary to secure the homeland against acts of terrorism and man-made or natural disasters. 

Preparedness Points To Consider:

  • Do you have a plan?
  • Is your plan inclusive?
  • Are the key players identified in your plan aware of their role(s)?
  • Are your pets included in your plan? 
  • Are your emergency contacts updated? 
  • Do you have a disaster supply kit?
  • Is your disaster supply kit designed for "all hazards"?
  • What items are in your disaster supply kit?
  • How do you receive emergency notifications? 
  • Are you aware of the hazards you should prepare for in your area? 
  • Do you check on your neighbor(s) prior to, during, or after a disaster and / or emergency?
  • Are you aware of your community surroundings?
  • Are you involved in preparedness for your community?
Check out the Red Stick Ready Family Emergency Planning Guide to help you get started on creating an emergency plan, disaster supply kit, how to be informed, and use the Buddy System.