Maps and Location-Based Data

Geographic information systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are platforms for storing location-based data which can be used for maps, analysis, operations, and decision-making. The City-Parish uses GIS technology to keep track of addresses, property, streets, land use, and many other assets, all of which are managed by a dedicated team of GIS professionals within the Department of Information Services.

 In late 2015, the GIS team led a revamping of its original online mapping website, eBRmap, through the launch of the EBRGIS Map Portal. This Map Portal provides access to a wealth of pre-configured thematic maps and workflow-driven applications. It also acts as a repository for all of the authoritative GIS layers that are regularly maintained by the GIS Division within the Department of Information Services. However, one aspect the Map Portal lacks is the capability for end users to download data for use within their own GIS software environment. This gap is what the EBRGIS Open Data site is intended to fill, which provides access to all of the City-Parish’s published GIS data, making it freely available to the public. This site is strictly intended to augment Open Data BR and the EBRGIS Map Portal, and users are encouraged to explore EBRGIS Open Data site to find GIS data in a variety of formats. More descriptive information about the City-Parish’s GIS data is available online from the Metadata webpage located on the EBRGIS Program website. Users may also submit their GIS-related questions and comments by sending an email to

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