Open Data BR

Open Data BR serves as the City-Parish’s central, public-facing portal for our open data program. Within this portal are dozens of datasets that are updated daily by our Department of Information Services in close collaboration with the department(s) or division(s) responsible for the delivery of related services. In addition to these datasets, which as of early 2018 have collectively seen more than 3.1 million individual page views, Open Data BR provides users with easy access and tools to create visualizations such as filtered views, charts, and tables that have resulted in more than 71,000 embedded datasets or visualizations from external users.

For more information and to explore all that our Open Data BR portal has to offer, please visit Or, for access to our geospatial open data inventory, visit our EBRGIS Open Data page at If you have questions, concerns, difficulty accessing any of our data, or want to suggest a new dataset for inclusion within the portal, please email Please note that we are constantly working to identify additional datasets to publish through this portal as part of an “open by default” mandate established by Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome and the Metropolitan Council in late 2017 with the passage of a formal open data policy.