Board of Adjustment Calendar

Meetings are held each month at 3:30 p.m. at City Hall, 222 St. Louis Street. A $45.00 application fee is charged to apply for a zoning waiver for a property. The application fee will cover the following items each month: mailing; newspaper insertion two and three days prior the meeting; public notice sign to be posted and kept posted one week prior to the meeting. A legal/letter size plot plan showing the request must accompany the application. Applications are to be made in person at the Inspection Division, 300 North 10th Street. For additional information, call the Inspection Division, 389-3226. 

MBOA Members

  • Andrew Reynolds, 225-924-1600
  • Parker Ewing, 225-751-7946
  • Luke Thibodeaux, 225-388-3105
  • Michael Carmouche, 225-281-0696
  • Michael Telich, 225-610-4212