Plan of Government

In 1947, the residents of East Baton Rouge Parish voted to establish a consolidated City-Parish government. The Plan of Government Plan of Government laid out the organization of the new combined governing body; it defines zoning, division of responsibilities, and jurisdictions.


The Plan of Government has been amended at least 17 times since it went into effect in 1949. Its 11 sections include:


In 2017, the Metropolitan Council formed a committee to study and recommend possible amendments to the Plan of Government. That committee was made up of several City-Parish department leaders, community leaders, and representatives from the Southern University Law Center, the LSU Law School, the NAACP, the Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations, and the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. The group met monthly for almost two years to formulate amendments to update and clarify most of the sections of the Plan of Government. The amendments would have to be approved by the Metropolitan Council and by the voters of East Baton Rouge Parish in order to be effective.  

To view archived video of the Plan of Government Amendment Committee meetings, visit this link.  

Throughout 2021, several council members held public informational meetings in their council districts to inform members of the public about the proposed amendments, seeking feedback and allowing the public to ask questions about all changes proposed by the Plan of Government Committee. A recording of one of those public meetings is linked below under “Plan of Government Public Meetings.” 


In 2022, a renewed effort to send the proposed administrative changes to the Plan of Government to the voters has been offered. These administrative changes are largely classified as text updates and removal of out-of-date references from the parish’s Plan of Government. If these amendments are approved by the Metro Council, they will be offered up to voters on the November 8, 2022, ballot. 

The following documents provide further information on the proposed administrative amendments: 

Proposed Plan of Government (DRAFT) with administrative amendments: POG Proposed Administrative Amendments 2022

Summary document of proposed administrative amendments, by chapter: Summary of EBR Plan of Government Proposed Amendments 2022


During the 2021 public meetings on all proposed Plan of Government amendments, a meeting was recorded to provide full access to all proposed amendments from the Plan of Government committee. That video can be viewed at: 


The Metropolitan Council is interested in public input on the proposed Plan of Government amendments. You may email your council member any comments you have, or use the online comment form below. Please provide any comments you have on the proposed Plan of Government amendments along with your name, email address, and home address.