Service Fee Business Office Customer Memorandum

The City-Parish bills two service fees each month to customers within East Baton Rouge Parish. The Sewer User Fee is billed to all commercial and residential customers connected to the sewer system and the Solid Waste User Fee is billed to all residential customers in the Parish.

Sewer User Fee

The Sewer User Fee has been in effect since July 1985, and is governed by City-Parish Ordinance 18504 (PDF). This fee is determined by your average water consumption. For new residential customers, the Sewer User Fee is based on the average water consumption of 8.9 CCF. Adjustments are made after three full months of water consumption is available. A credit is issued to customers with water consumption below the average and the monthly Sewer User Fee is adjusted.

Solid Waste User Fee

The Solid Waste Fee has been in effect since January 1991, and is governed by City-Parish Ordinance 18729. This fee helps to defray the expenses of curbside collection and disposal of garbage, trash, and/or recyclable materials. Residences are billed a flat fee each month. Some multi-family units are billed as individual units for curbside pick-up or for garbage bin service. One responsible party may be billed for bin service at the option of the owner.

Consolidated Billing

For your convenience, if you are a customer of Baton Rouge Water Company or Parish Water Company, your bills (sewer/solid waste and water) will be combined on one bill form. Payment for both can be made with one check and returned in the envelope provided.

Solid Waste Pickup

Garbage, trash, and recyclables should be at curbside for pick-up between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m. on your scheduled days. All garbage carts are assigned a permanent address and cannot be removed from the assigned address. If you do not have a garbage cart at your new address, please call 225-389-3090 to request a cart.  Extra carts are available for an additional charge of $7.00 per month beginning June 1, 2023.

Please contact the Service Fee Business Office at 225-389-5378 for all billing inquiries or to request a review of your account or send us an email.