Citywide Services

The following services are provided citywide:

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Residential Curbside Services

Garbage and recycling carts must be in place by 5 a.m. on the scheduled service day. It is not considered a missed pickup if the cart is not in place by 5 a.m. View the curbside set out guide (PDF). Other curbside service guidelines include:

  • Garbage Cart is collected twice weekly. Bagged household garbage including food waste and trash will be collected.
  • Recycling Cart is collected once weekly. No separation or bagging necessary.
  • Bulky Recyclables are collected once weekly. White goods – stoves, washers, refrigerators and other large appliances – and up to 4 automobile tires.
  • Bulky Trash, Yard and Wood Waste, Leaves and Grass will be collected once weekly. Only resident-generated waste will be picked up. Place these types of waste next to each other but not mixed together.
  • Bulky Trash: Items too bulky or heavy to fit in the garbage cart such as furniture, large household items, remodeling debris, mattresses, water heaters, carpet, fencing, lumber. Do not bag.
  • Yard and Woody Waste: Brush piles, tree limbs and shrub prunings. Do not bag, place loose at the curb.
  • Bagged Leaves and Grass: Do not mix with bulky trash or yard and woody waste. Yard waste, leaves and grass left in old garbage cans will not be collected. Do not place in carts.
  • What will not be collected: No Household Hazardous Waste is allowed in carts or at the curb. Items will be collected at our bi-annual Household Hazardous Material Collection days, or you can check “what do I do with” for more information.

Service for a Missed Pickup, New or Damaged Cart

Need Service for a Missed Pickup, New or Damaged Cart?

  • Call 3-1-1
  • Call 225-389-3090 for the office
  • Call 225-389-2070 for after-hours help