Contact Us

Switchboard Operator 

  • Phone: 225-389-3000

If you need to contact anyone within the City-Parish Government dial the City-Parish Operator for assistance.

Citizens Service

Call Citizens Service to report a variety of common complaints: 

  • Cleaning, maintenance, or rehabilitation of streets or roads 
  • Fire hazards
  • Inspections
  • Litter
  • Mosquito or rodent control
  • Sewer maintenance or drainage
  • Traffic engineering
  • Waste management including trash and debris

Public Information Office

If you have a question about which agency is best able to answer handle a particular problem, contact Public Information.

Office of the Mayor-President

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome welcomes suggestions and comments.

Metropolitan Council

You can contact your council representative using the information below. If you do not know who your councilperson is, use the Council District page. If you need additional help finding your council member, contact the CAN DO Office at 389-3448 or the Council Administrator's office at 389-3123.

District 1Brandon Noel225-389-5170Email District 1
District 2Chauna Banks225-389-4699Email District 2
District 3Rowdy Gaudet225-389-5162Email District 3
District 4Aaron Moak225-389-5166Email District 4
District 5Darryl Hurst225-389-5171Email District 5
District 6Cleve Dunn Jr.225-389-5165Email District 6
District 7LaMont Cole225-389-4691Email District 7
District 8Denise Amoroso225-389-5168Email District 8
District 9Dwight Hudson225-389-4688Email District 9
District 10Carolyn Coleman225-389-5140Email District 10
District 11Laurie Adams225-389-5169Email District 11
District 12Jennifer Racca225-389-4697Email District 12

Public Safety

Below is non-emergency contact information for EMS, Baton Rouge Fire Department and Baton Rouge Police Department.

DepartmentPhone NumberEmailWebpage
Emergency Medical Services225-389-5155Email EMSEMS website
Fire Department225-354-1400Email Fire DepartmentFire website
Police Department225-389-2000Email Police DepartmentPolice website

Human Resources

If you are interested in employment options within the City / Parish Government, contact the Department of Human Resources.

Other Departments

All City/Parish departments are listed on our Department Directory page where departments are listed with address, phone number, web page and email address.

Content Managers / Webmaster

If you notice missing or incorrect information on our website you should contact the Content Manager for that information. At the bottom of most pages is a link to an email address of the person responsible for that page's content. You should use that email to report missing or incorrect information on the page. Some pages that are general information in nature or do not fall under a single department will not have the content manager link at the bottom. To report a problem on those pages, contact the webmaster.

Comments & Suggestions

We are always open to suggestions or comments regarding our site. The only way we can make it serve the public better is with feedback from the public.