Compost Structures

Hoops, bins and buckets can help you fit your compost into small spaces. Choose a structure that is the right size, style, cost and effort level for you. Remember to use recycled materials or containers whenever possible. Do-it-yourself bin building instructions are available by calling the Rotline at 225-389-5194.


Hoops are easy and fairly inexpensive to build, and help to keep your yard-waste compost pile tidy. Secure the hoop with hooks or twists of wire. To speed composting, undo the hoop, set it up next to the pile, and turn the pile back into the cage in its new location.


Bins hold yard waste compost, and when made rodent proof, work well for food waste. Build with recycled wood, wire or other materials for an inexpensive and attractive structure. Many styles are commercially available.


Buckets are the apartment-dweller’s answer to composting food waste indoors or out. Compact 5-gallon buckets with sealable lids can be obtained from many grocery stores and restaurants. Stir the compost-soil mixture to aerate it once or twice a week, or when adding new material.

Compost Hoop
Compost Bin

Information for Building Your Own Compost Bin

The LSU Agricultural Center has several very good composting publications available.

Master Composter is an interesting site on composting with an interactive message board and lots of information on composting.