The Baton Rouge Fire Department Training Division personnel consist of a Chief of Training, an Assistant Chief of Training, three training officers, and one medical training officer. The Baton Rouge Training Division staff is certified to teach and evaluate in all areas of instruction for the Louisiana State University Fire and Emergency Training Institute, American Heart Association, and Louisiana Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.


The Training Division of the Baton Rouge Fire Department ensures that its employees are proficiently trained with the knowledge and highest level of skills necessary to carry out their responsibility of being a public servant. Responders are constantly updated on procedures and kept abreast of the latest technologies, developments, and practices within the fire service.


After a lengthy application process, it is considered a significant accomplishment to be selected to attend the Baton Rouge Fire Department Training Academy. Recruit Training lasts for a period of 26 weeks, during which time recruits are put to the test on academics, physical fitness, and psychological fortitude. 

During the 26 weeks of the academy, recruits receive intensive instruction requiring study beyond the classroom. Upon graduation, recruits will be skilled in the duties assigned as well as certifications in Fire Fighter I, Fire Fighter II, Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator-Pumper, Hazardous Materials Awareness, and Hazardous Materials Operations with the IFSAC accreditation. Each recruit will be licensed as an Emergency Medical Technician at the national standard level as well as the state level.BRFD-GRD22_0126


To preserve the proficiency of the responders of the Baton Rouge Fire Department, continuous education plays a major role. The Training Division provides this through monthly company training and drills as well as specialized classes. Classes consist of both officer and new officer, driver and new drivers, hazardous material refreshers, and medical classes that provide the necessary education to maintain EMT and Paramedic certifications as well as the knowledge to complete their duties and remain safe in the process. 


The training curriculum for all training classes will be based on the standards of the NFPA and the recommendations of the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana. All newly hired firefighters are trained in house by our own training division. The training course is a 18-week course that includes the required EMT course to become a Firefighter.