Fire Safety

Baton Rouge Fire Safety Division has the responsibility for seeing that all fire department personnel follow proper safety procedures belongs to the Fire Safety Division under the direction of Chief Fire Safety Officer and four (4) Fire Safety Officers. 

This division investigates all injuries or accidents involving personnel or equipment of the Baton Rouge Fire Department. The Fire Safety Division also maintains records pertaining to injuries and illnesses of personnel, and it works with other divisions of the fire department in conducting safety programs.

Baton Rouge Fire Safety Logo


The Fire Safety Division is responsible for gathering and investigating all infectious/contagious disease exposures to the personnel within the Baton Rouge Fire Department. Listed below is the number of days lost due to sickness, accidents, or injuries to personnel:

OccurrenceDays Lost
On-Duty Accidents or injuriesN/A
Off-Duty Accidents or injuriesN/A
Time Off For Sick LeaveN/A


Injury TypeNumber


Wood, Cut, Bleeding, BursN/A
Heart and LungN/A
Sprains and StrainsNA


Fire Safety Officers in the Baton Rouge Fire Department are specially trained in hazard/risk assessment so that they may act as observers/advisors/enforcers to terminate or suspend unsafe acts at emergency incidents. These activities are for the safety of firefighters as well as the general public. Through specialized training and National Certification, Fire Safety Officers gain a different perspective on emergency incidents. Command officers and firefighters strive toward the goal of protecting people's lives and property, while the Fire Safety Officer strives toward protecting employees and the public from imminent hazards. This countering balance eliminates tunnel vision and the unnecessary risk of injury or death. The Federal government mandates by law a Certified Fire Safety Officer be present on all Hazardous Material emergencies.

Safety Officers

Safety Officers touch every part of the Fire Department. Their presence is an indication of the value we place on the firefighters who protect this city. They act as liaisons between the firefighters and the administration of this department. Building trust and credibility changes behaviors and actions. Industry and city municipalities recognize that to control hazards you must manage risk. For every $1 spent on safety, the return on investment is $5 to $7 in benefits.